Student Feedback


Are  you enjoying your placement?

‘I really enjoy it.’

‘I look forward to coming.’

‘I don’t feel under pressure like at school.’

‘It’s pretty cool.’


How is your placement helping you?

'Coming to A4S turned my life around. I went from lying in bed all day to 100% attendance with distinction. Now I’m at college and am predicted a distinction star'

‘It’s helping my confidence increase and I’m better at working in a team.’

‘It’s developed my patience.’

‘I enjoy being treated as an adult.’

‘I’m much more confident talking to other people now.’

‘I’ve stopped getting into so much trouble. I have something positive to do. It’s helped my behaviour at home. I’m not staying out so late.’

‘It’s helping me socialise more, My relationship with Jake has given me confidence.’

‘I am learning new skills that I can take into the future.’

'Coming to A4S made me want to start learning again'


How do you feel you developed during the course?

'I am learning new skills that will help me in the future'

'I enjoy doing things I didn’t know I could do'

‘I felt my spelling got better.’

‘I have achieved a lot out of this course.’

‘I feel more confident trying new things.’


Are there any changes you would make?

‘I would like to come more days a week.’

‘It’s all good.’

‘Not it’s perfect!’

‘Pretty much perfect!’


What are your aspiration’s?

‘I want to complete my BTEC.’

‘I want to come here again next year.’

‘ I want to help young people to stay out of trouble and get a job.’ 


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The following comments were made by students during academic years from 2015/16 - current