Referrer Feedback

‘Outstanding level of service. Personalised programmes to meet the complex needs of our pupils. Targeted interventions when required to address behaviour concerns. Excellent academic outcomes and achievements, with clear progression pathways.’ Oakbank School 2016


‘A4S provides a unique opportunity in a very specialised area. It has proved to be crucial in engaging our student. The student is developing good interpersonal skills and benefiting from the 1:1 support provided.’ Cardinal Newman School 2016


‘Communication is excellent. This has been consistent for two years. Daily reports are succinct and informative. PEP paperwork is very thorough capturing the young person's voice at every opportunity.’ Looked After Children (LAC) – Luton 2016


‘A4S listens to the needs of each individual student and accommodates accordingly. Excellent communication at all times from every dept of A4S. I believe that A4S are a group of people who genuinely work hard to get the best outcomes for each and every student in order to increase their life chances.’ St Thomas Moore School – Bedford 2016