Environmental Maintenance

About the course


Environmental maintenance work gives students the chance to gain some valuable work experience in the outdoors. This could be working at a local fishery, angling club or Country Park. The  sessions give students the opportunity to work with a range of tools while contributing to the upkeep of the environment. They learn how to plan the job, safe transportation of equipment, safe use of tools and gain an understanding of the importance of health and safety. They are also encouraged to recycle materials and use what is already available. The job may involve creating platforms, walkways, barriers and fences. It is good to visit a place long after we have completed work and be proud to say ‘we made this and it is still being used today’! Environmental Maintenance  helps to improve the students’ teamwork  skills,  communication, confidence and understanding of the natural environment.


Possible Progression Routes


If students have particularly enjoyed the environmental maintenance work they could go on to study Countryside Management, Fisheries or Land-Based Studies at college. Students have also moved on to achieve their CSCS Card in order to work in the construction industry. The practical skills learnt during environmental maintenance sessions could help students secure employment in a variety of industries, this could be working as a tradesman, estate worker, park ranger or in fisheries management.

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