Case Studies

Student A has been involved with the project for two years now and is working on the BTEC Level 2 in Fish Husbandry Extended Certificate course. When student A started with us, he initially struggled with confidence and had a very low self-esteem. He also found group situations difficult and was unable to relate to peers. Despite all this, Student A really enjoyed 1:1 angling activities and by establishing common ground with coaches and other students through angling, has steadily grown in confidence ever since. Now he is an extremely confident young man, capable of starting conversations with new people and discussing a variety of topics. In group activities Student A has demonstrated genuine improvement in teamwork and communication skills and has drawn further confidence from this by feeling part of a wider group. He is now on course to achieve a Distinction on the BTEC course and plans to attend college on a Moto Vehicles studies course.



Student B attended A4S for around 2 years. He joined as a keen angling enthusiast but lacked discipline and often got into trouble in his social life. He had been diagnosed with ADHD and struggled to cope in a classroom environment resulting in him being excluded from mainstream school. He thrived during his time with A4S, his passion for angling helped him keep out of trouble and he developed into a respectable mature young lad. He achieved a BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Fish Husbandry and a BTEC Level 3 Fisheries Management qualification. With the qualifications gained at A4S he was able to progress onto an Extended Diploma Fisheries Management course at Shuttleworth College. His ambition is to work in the angling industry.



11 months of hard work had proved worthwhile with L leaving with two qualifications and a stepping stone for future education. This could well involve completing the BTEC course with A4S in the future. However the most worthwhile change is that L’s personal skills have improved so much that he is now getting along with foster carers, staff at school, all A4S group members and even new peers that are joining his academy. The result has been credit to the efforts put in by those that surround L coaching, teaching and mentoring him, steering him back in the right direction. The changes in L are so significant that he was voted student of the year by Coaches at A4S and one the most improved individuals A4S have ever seen.