2019/20 Qualifications A4S offer


  • Functional skills – English Levels 1 and 2
  • Functional skills – Maths Levels 1 and 2
  • English Entry level 3
  • (2018) Fish Husbandry – Technical Certificate level 2. (This is the new qualification set up by Btec, largely theory based, not much angling and an exam. Not particularly suitable for us currently.)
  • (2010) Fish Husbandry – Diploma level 2. (No longer certificate or ext. Certificate. This can be done on a unit basis (6 units make up the diploma). We are currently delivering between 2 and 3 units per year (equivalent to a certificate or extended certificate))
  • Fish Management – Certificate and Diploma level 3.

  • Gateway Qualifications

  • Employability skills – certificate level 1 (job searching, cv writing, mock interviews and interview prep)
  • Progression – E3 Award – L1 diploma (range of units, from cooking, bike maintenance, budgeting and finance, life skills, healthy living etc.)
  • Sport activity and leisure – E3 award – L1 Certificate
  • Skills for art design – E3 award – L1 award.
  • Preparation for employment – E3 certificate
  • Maths – making calculations level 1
  • English- read for purpose and meaning level 1
  • Carpentry (as part of Progression qualification)

  • Ornamental Aquatics Trade Association (OATA)

  • OATA- advanced diploma- This course is an aquatics course that can increase knowledge in sciences, embedding budgeting and can open up career options.
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